Vegy Vida Case Study

Children hate veggies not because they’re stubborn, but because they have thousands more bitter receptors on their taste buds than adults. Vegy Vida® is formulated to remove the bitter in a healthy, natural, and nutritious way. Uplift Studio was challenged to show the way for desperate Moms and skeptical kids.

Brand Evolution

Uplift Studio rebranded Vegy Vida to appeal to kids which naturally empowers the Mom. This upstart required a rebranded logo, packaging, digital LTF and promotional materials.

  • vv_logo

Sales Results

With Uplifts creative and YBG’s brand development and strategic planning effort. Vegy Vida® landed the opportunity to distribute all six SKUs of their dipping sauce in all Remke Supermarkets within the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky tri-state (11 in total).

The wireframe structuring and website development provided Vegy Vida® a user-friendly website directly connected back to their purpose and objective.

Product Placement In
Remke Supermarkets Within The Tri-State

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